Is Honda canceling the Honda Fit hatchback?

The Honda Fit isnt coming back to the states

The 2020 Honda Fit will use the automaker's new hybrid system — Engadget (@engadget) October 23, 2019

Honda introduced a new generation of the Honda Fit on the global stage, and fans were ecstatic about the upgrades and fresh design. But alas, the United States is getting shut out of this new generation Honda Fit. Honda is dropping the hatchback from the U.S. portfolio after the 2020 model year. Production is expected to halt for American distribution, and Honda indicated it would be ramping up production for the HR-V instead.


Are Honda fits Made in Japan?

Honda builds the Fit at its plants in Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Brazil and Mexico. Production locations include Suzuka and Saitama (Japan) and Guangzhou in China.

BMW i8 (2015-2020)

There’s one major problem with relying on futuristic enviro-tech to serve as the foundational appeal of your hyper-modern supercar: it’s not so futuristic roughly six months after launching the car.

The BMW i8 is a supreme device. But nearly two decades into the new millennium, was a supercar with 369 horsepower sufficiently impressive? Over 20,000 i8s were sold globally, but plenty of prospective buyers were overheard asking themselves, “Don’t I just want a Porsche 911?”

Are cars assembled in Japan better?

It’s widely accepted that Toyotas made in Japan are better quality than those made in the US. The main reasons for this are due to Japanese perfectionist philosophies like Kaizen and the ability to procure better quality parts.

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