12 Tips On How To Make A Video Go Viral On TikTok 2022

1. How To Work With The TikTok Algorithm in 2022

If you’ve only been focusing on likes, shares and follows, you’re looking at the wrong data. Here’s where understanding the TikTok algorithm is crucial for you to show up on the much coveted For You Page (FYP). 

The key data you should be looking at is your average watch time. Your video length and the average watch time on that video determines how much the TikTok algorithm will push your video. 

Let’s say people stay on your video for 3 seconds, the algorithm will show your video to a few people. If they stay on for 5 seconds, it will be shown to more. Your average watch time, compared to the length of your video, decides how many users your video will be shown to. The higher your average watch time, the better chance your video has to go viral on TikTok!

Getting featured on the For You Page also ups your

Getting featured on the For You Page also ups your chances of going viral but, featuring on this page depends on your average watch time, completion rate and the type of content you’re pushing out. All these factors depend on how you structure your video. So let’s cover that next!

11. Be Authentic

There’s nothing millennials and Gen Z’ers hate more than a brand or content creator who is trying too hard.

Users on TikTok will see right through you if you post something that is not genuine or real. Don’t change your brand or try too hard to look young and “hip” if that’s not who your brand is on other social media platforms.

One brand that does a fantastic job of this is The Washington Post. By posting videos poking fun at millennial office culture, they understand who they are, who their target audience is, and aren’t trying to be something they’re not.


13. Have text on the opening video frame

By starting your video with text over the first slide, viewers in the FYP will likely spend a few seconds reading this and therefore naturally and stay on the video for a few seconds longer than a video without text. Not only is this good for average watch time in the algorithm, but you also will more likely retain some of these viewers if you have a compelling story.

7. …Or Create Your Own!

Let your creativity shine and dream up your own viral challenge. Whether you’re an individual content creator or a brand, TikTok offers any user an equal shot at going viral with the right challenge.

Chipotle smashed all sorts of social media marketing records, giving us all a lesson in how it should be done!

Their viral #GuacDance challenge campaign created for “National Avocado Day” scored more than 250,000 responses and 430 million video views in just 6 days!

And this success didn’t just stay on the platform either. Real-world metrics proved that the promotion translated into more sales in their restaurants on National Avocado Day.

7. BONUS: How to get featured on the For You Page

To go viral on TikTok, a majority of your views need to come from new users on the For You Page as it indicates that a newer, much larger audience is viewing your video. The traffic you get from the For You Page needs to be higher than your personal profile or following. You can get this data by clicking on the 3 dots on the bottom right of a video and selecting “analytics”. 

If you see that the traffic from the For You Page

If you see that the traffic from the For You Page is low, there might be a few reasons for that. Let’s take a look at what they are and how you can fix them. 

– Not Hitting The Right Metrics 

The content you’re creating isn’t hitting the average watch time or the completion rate required to feature on the FYP. Usually when users start seeing a drop in their numbers, they begin posting more videos a day but that’s not a valid solution as you may end up creating lower quality content that lacks the required structure to be picked up by the TikTok algorithm. 

– Limitation On Your Profile 

In case of a violation of guidelines or T&Cs set by TikTok, there could be a limitation on your profile. For instance, if you mass delete 5-10 videos at the same time or delete a video that is seeing traction, repurposing branded, copyrighted content like sports highlights or if your TikTok is getting mass reported. 

TikTok is quite clear about its copyright rules and if you’re in violation of those rules, your content could be removed, your account could get suspended or even worse, terminated.

- Having a Restricted Element In Your Video 

– Having a Restricted Element In Your Video 

A restricted element could be anything from a banned hashtag to a copyrighted audio where your video will be muted and not promoted or using a keyword that TikTok does not promote. For instance, using a word like “suicide” will make TikTok restrict your videos. Similarly, anything that promotes violence or bullying will not be pushed. 

These are the top 3 reasons why you might not show up on the For You Page. Instead of just looking at 1 video, take a look at your past 5-10 videos and check if your numbers are consistently low on all. If the numbers are consistent, here’s how you can fix it: 

A. Recreate Your Top Performing Videos

Go to your profile and see the kind of content that has worked for you in the past. Identify what in that video made it go viral or get higher views than the rest of your video and recreate that. You need to identify what has worked for you, be it a trend, a sound, a feature – you need to push more content like it. COMMENT

Creator @yssadelara creates quick sketches with plot twists using similar elements with similarcharacters that have worked for her in the past.

B. Posting At The Right Time

B. Posting At The Right Time

Posting at the right time can make the world of a difference. Let’s say your content is specifically created for teenagers. Posting it at 8 am will not make sense as your audience is probably asleep. Identifying the right time is crucial to getting your content on the FYP. 

If your target audience is broader, these are the best times to post 

Do not post back to back or else your video might

Do not post back to back or else your video might not feature on the FYP. 

C. Stick To One Niche

Do not try to diversify your content too much. Stick to one niche or one idea that works for you. Let’s say you post different types of content across different niches and one of them goes viral and you get a ton of followers. 

But keep in mind that those followers only came because of that one video you created and when you don’t follow it up with something similar, you will see a decrease in your engagement as you aren’t posting content that got you those followers in the first place. 

Experimentation is necessary and you have to explore other options but don’t stray too far from your niche.

While Creator @FTBL is all about football, they don’t mind experimenting with their content while still keeping a large part of it about football.

Hack 3: Make your viewers comment

Engagement. If TikTok’s algorithm could be described in one word, that would be engagement. What better way to achieve that than by encouraging your views to share their thoughts in the comments?

Reply to all your comments

Now, once they share them, do not forget to reply to them. A conversation is a two-way thing, and don’t ever let them have just a monologue with themselves.

Leave some questions unanswered

This goes back to keeping it intriguing, maintaining the mystery. Don’t spill all your beans in one video. Maybe do a part 2?

How to Make a Viral Video on TikTok and Sustain Your Momentum

Once you learn how to make a viral video on TikTok, don’t stop there.

TikTok takes time and effort to sustain, but it doesn’t have to be a full-time job.

This app can generate massive amounts of free organic traffic and grow your following literally overnight.

And you can really monetize this even further by following our guide on how to add a website to TikTok.

So, how do you sustain such a high volume of posting and make sure you still get great results? Here are some tips.

  • Recycle your top-performing videos: either download and repost, or recreate them. Try each to see what works best.
  • Be consistent.
  • Once you hit 1,000 followers, go live as often as you can. You can earn hundreds or thousands of followers each time you go live, and it helps you build a connection with your followers.
  • Make video replies to comments and utilize stitches and duets.

Avoiding Content Creator Burnout

TikTok Creators can quickly become overwhelmed wit

TikTok Creators can quickly become overwhelmed with decision fatigue and burnout when trying to constantly come up with new video ideas.

The good news is, you don’t have to create new content all the time, nor do you have to come up with new ideas all the time.

By following the tips in this article, you’ll never run out of ideas. Here’s how to avoid burnout and generate a never-ending list of ideas to pull from.

  • Make a list of viral videos you want to put your own spin on and recreate.
  • Make a list of all the categories and topics in your niche that you can talk about, teach about, etc.
  • Put all your ideas in a spreadsheet – this gives you an endless supply to pull from.
  • Batch your content creation by setting aside 1 day/wk for filming and editing.

Also, don’t be afraid to re-use content ideas! No matter how many followers you have, many of them aren’t going to see every single video you post.

Re-use your content ideas, film the same video several times, and be consistent.

By doing all of these things and setting aside one or two days a week for filming, you can enjoy your day-to-day life. You won’t have to worry about coming up with a content idea on the spot or making a video on a day you don’t feel like getting dressed.

18.If youre talking about a specific product, dont link it right away

If you’re doing a product review and trying to monetize your video via affiliate links, I know it’s especially tempting to drop the product link in the comments right away. However, by not dropping the link, you’re more likely to get people commenting asking where it’s from, or asking for the link, which will in turn help you video gain traction and go viral on TikTok.

TikTok Viral Video Tips and Tricks

Have you ever wondered why some creators seem to consistently create viral videos over and over again, and some don’t?

The fact that many creators are able to replicate viral results proves that learning how to make a viral video on TikTok isn’t random… there really is a formula to it.

Understanding TikTok Trends and Trending Sounds

First, there are the trends and trending sounds. A

First, there are the trends and trending sounds. And contrary to what many people believe, you don’t actually have to dance OR be a teenager to take part in trends and trending sounds.

No matter what generation you belong to, by this point you’re probably aware that many of the most popular videos on the app are a result of using a trend.

Each creator puts their own spin on a trend, so although the sounds or dances might be the same, the meaning behind each video is a little different. And that’s what makes them so popular.

The key to using a trend effectively is to put your own spin on it that’s relevant and related to a specific topic or niche. The more relatable it is, the better it will do.

Most trends stem from a trending song. You can find the latest trending songs on the Discover page, which you can access from the app’s home screen.

The Discover page updates daily and shows you tren

The Discover page updates daily and shows you trending trends, trending hashtags, trending sounds, and more.

You can access the Discover page by clicking the “Discover” button at the bottom of the app, near your home feed button.

Study What Works

You may have heard this a million times before, but I’ll say it again:

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

What consistently works for other creators can work for you too.

One of the best ways to create a video with viral potential is to study what’s already working and recreate it with your own spin.

To find these videos, search hashtags related to your niche on the app. Then, make a list of the top creators’ profiles in your niche.

Once you have a list of the top creators in your niche, head to a computer and open Google Chrome.

Download the extension “Sort for TikTok“.

Once you have the extension installed, you can ope

Once you have the extension installed, you can open each creator profile in your computer browser and sort by their top-performing videos.

When you do this, be sure to take notes on their most viral videos to find out exactly what it is that made them go viral.

Some will be personal stories that only relate to that creator, but others will be replicable generic content.

Once you begin to see patterns and generic viral content, you can make a list of topic ideas.

It’s best to organize these ideas in a digital notepad or spreadsheet because this will be your list of video ideas to create content from.

Always put your own spin on content – never directly copy another creator.

Components of a Viral Video

Every viral video on TikTok has one, some, or all of these components.

Strong, Attention-Grabbing Hook

Simply put, a hook is a phrase, tagline, sentence,

Simply put, a hook is a phrase, tagline, sentence, or question that’s designed to grab a user’s attention.

A strong, attention-grabbing hook is a key factor in getting someone to watch your entire video.

Hooks are at the beginning of your video and grab attention by asking a question, making a bold claim or statement, or telling them what the video is about – typically in under 3 seconds.

According to most video marketing experts, you only have 3 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention and get them interested in your content.

Additionally, according to Meta (Facebook), people only spend an average of 1.7 seconds with a piece of content before scrolling past.

That’s not a lot of time at all.

Some of the best hooks on TikTok are phrases or questions displayed in colorful text at the beginning of the video.

TikTok Video Hook Ideas: 

  • Make a bold claim.
  • State something controversial or polarizing.
  • Use an unusual prop or movement/gesture.
  • Ask a question.
  • “Here’s how to do (xyz) in (time frame)”
  • Slide in from out of the frame.

Attention-Grabbing Elements

TikTok has plenty of native elements to help you g

TikTok has plenty of native elements to help you grab and keep a user’s attention.

You can display text on the screen or use gifs and sticker overlays.

Additionally, TikTok has hundreds of visual and audio filters and effects to make your videos interesting and engaging.

The key is to interrupt a user’s scrolling pattern to get and keep them interested.

Additionally, the app has a built-in closed captioning feature. If you speak in your videos, I highly recommend turning on closed captioning.

Read through it to make sure it was transcribed properly. Users have the ability to toggle the captions on and off.

Using captions helps retain viewers who are hard of hearing or those who are scrolling with the sound off.

Trending Audio

Videos can and do go viral without the addition of any external or trending audio.

However, if you want to increase your chances of creating consistently viral videos, incorporate the use of trending sounds in some of your content.

You will ideally post a mixture of different types of content, but always be sure to take advantage of trends when you can.

Compelling Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (or CTA) is the desired result you want your viewers to take.

In your videos, ask your viewers to follow, comment, duet, stitch, reply, or whatever other action you want them to take.

You can even tell them to head to your Instagram bio if you don’t have the ability to put a link in your TikTok bio yet.

Including a specific call to action in your videos actually does help, whether you want more website traffic, link clicks, followers, and more.

There are anecdotal reports of certain keywords that can have a detrimental effect on the reach of creator profiles on the TikTok app. Although speaking these words seems to be okay, many creators experience diminished reach when typing these words in the captions, closed captioning, hashtags, or comments. Money Link Bio Free or any combination of the above, like “link in bio”, etc.

Keywords and Hashtags

TikTok has its own algorithm and hashtags that fun

TikTok has its own algorithm and hashtags that function similarly to SEO and Instagram hashtags.

Each video should have a relevant caption and a few hashtags that tell users what it’s about.

Some hashtags are huge, with over 1m to 1b+ videos per tag. Others are smaller, with under 100k views.

Use a combination of large and small relevant hashtags for each video. This will help your content be more easily categorized by the algorithm and found by other users.

Video Series and Video Comment Replies

If you have a broad topic you want to teach or talk about on your profile, turn it into a series.

A series is just several videos that teach a topic in sequence. You’ve probably seen creators doing this with “Part 1” or “Part 2” etc.

Instead of filming one long video, break up the topic into several parts.

When you do this, videos from your series may show up to people out of order… but that’s actually a good thing.

This creates curiosity and if someone is interested in the topic, they’ll go to your profile to watch the rest.

This is a great way to get more followers and views.

Making video replies to comments has a similar effect. Instead of typing out a comment reply, reply with a video instead.

This will also intrigue viewers to click through to the original video. This will drive up your view count and earn you extra followers, too.

But can you see who viewed your TikTok? We’ve got the answers.

Step 3. Posting your viral TikTok

Now that you’ve learned how to edit your soon-to-be-viral video, it’s time to go over some of the publishing tricks to help you land on the For You page.

How to make your TikTok go viral

Here are some tips for posting to TikTok that will increase your video’s chances of going viral:

  • Add popular hashtags to your captions — but don’t add generic ones. Use hashtags that describe what your video is about rather than the general “#FYP.”
  • The time of day when you post doesn’t matter. What’s more important is that you post consistently. TikTok isn’t a one-and-done-game. Make an effort to post often, and your content is more likely to go viral.
  • Engage with anyone who comments on your videos. Like their comments, reply back, and check out their content if they have any.
  • Share your videos on other social media platforms to increase your exposure and views.

How long does it take for a TikTok to go viral?

Some videos gain a lot of views immediately, while others don’t show up on the For You page for weeks. We assume that there are complex, top-secret algorithms at work. But to a layperson, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason behind it.

Going viral on TikTok is something that anyone can do. Combine the tips listed here with valuable content that people are interested in viewing, and you’ll land a spot on the For You page in no time. Also you might be interested in how to download a video from TikTok.


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