How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV? (And Tips on How to Save)

RV Weekly Rate for 20 RVs (Least to Most Expensive)

Make and Model Type of RV Year Sleeps Weekly Rate
Starcraft 816 Pop-Up 2006 6 $378
Braxton Creek Bushwacker  Teardrop 2021 2 $420
Grey Wolf Wolf Pup 16BHS Travel Trailer 2017 5 $455
Riverside RV White Water 509 Teardrop 2016 2 $483
Forest River Hard Side A223HW Pop-Up 2021 3 $490
Forest River R-Pod RP-179 Travel Trailer 2018 4 $595
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 175RD Travel Trailer 2019 4 $630
Forest River Rockwood 2109S Travel Trailer 2021 4 $693
Coachmen Freedom 254DSX Travel Trailer 2015 6 $693
Forest River GEO Pro 20BHS Travel Trailer  2021 6 $840
Keystone RV Outback 340BH Travel Trailer 2020 9 $840
Four Winds RV 28A Class C 2007 6 $875
Grand Design Imagine 3170BH Travel Trailer 2019 9 $1,050
Coachmen RV Leprechaun 220QB Class C 2015 6 $1,050
Thor Motor Coach Chateau 26A Class C 2014 7 $1,400
Winnebago Travato 59K Class B 2020 4 $1,435
Thor Motor Coach A.C.E 29.3 Class A 2018 8 $1,680
Airstream International 23D Travel Trailer 2017 6 $1,743
Pleasure-Way Lexor FL Class B 2020 2 $2,030
Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro 34PA Class A 2020 6 $2,233

*Pricing does not include taxes and fees.

Deals with Certain Companies

Now, here are some great tips. 

Cruise America lets out some coupon codes every now and again since they are a large corporation. Go to their “hot deals” to get some savings, and check back regularly. 

RVShare also has a great feature that can save you big bucks. Some renters will give a big discount if you rent their RV by the week. This of course takes some time to plan out ahead but is a great option. To find out more, click here. 


Why are RVs So Expensive to Rent?

Whether you choose to rent an RV from a peer-to-peer RV rental site such as RVshare or a national RV rental agency such as Cruise America RV Rental, it can be pretty expensive.

As you can usually expect to pay over $100 a night and it can quickly go up from there depending on what type of RV you choose to rent. 

And this doesn’t even take into account the money you will need to spend to rent a campsite or RV site for the night so you have someone to park the RV while you’re renting it.

But why are RVs so expensive to rent? 

The reason why RVs are so expensive to rent is that RVs are expensive to own.

Because when you rent an RV whether from a peer-to-peer RV rental site or from a rental agency, you are not only allowing the owner of the RV to make a profit but are also helping the RV owner cover the costs associated with RV ownership.  

This includes not only the initial purchase of the RV but also the ongoing costs associated with owning an RV including maintenance and repair costs, storage costs, tagging and licensing fees, and insurance costs.  

How to Rent an RV: Nationwide and Regional RV Rental Companies

There are numerous RV rental companies with years of expertise in helping people have a unique RV vacation experience.

Below are some of the better known national recreational vehicle rental companies, with more details about what they offer, so you can start your search to locate the ideal camper for your next trip.

Not near a national RV dealer’s location? No sweat! You can also do a local RV rental search online and find many regional and private dealers who have fantastic deals and units from which to choose. Type “RV rentals” and your zip code into the search bar to find camper rentals conveniently near you.

#1 – Cruise America

CruiseAmerica is the country’s largest RV rental dealer. You’ve probably seen their eye-catching campers while driving on the highway.

They offer a massive selection of different size RVs that you can pick up from numerous rental outlets across the nation. Their website is informative and easy to navigate when selecting and pricing an RV rental.

If you have flexibility when scheduling your trip, look into their rental deals, where you can “relocate” an RV from one location to another for as low as $9 a night! This option can be a steal if you live close to one of their relocation hubs. With the money you save, you can grab a car rental or buy a plane ticket to get home when you complete your trip.

As an example, let me walk you through a “full-cost” rental scenario for a family of 6 through the Cruise America website to give you a better idea of what to expect.

I found a large RV that sleeps seven for two weeks that cost $1750.00. This charge includes $490 for a base mileage usage of 1400 miles and free supplemental liability insurance.

I chose to add a linens package for six passengers at the cost of $330 since I didn’t want to bring along sheets, blankets, and towels and have to wash them when I return from my vacation.

I had to pay an additional $5 environmental fee, and tax of $47. I also had to pay a $500 damage deposit that the company will refund after I return the RV and all is well. The total upfront cost will be $2632.00, with me putting down a $300 deposit to hold my reservation.

As long as the kids don’t spill kool-aid all over the carpet, I can expect my final cost for the rental to be $2132 for the two weeks, but of course, I must allow extra money for gas, food, campgrounds, souvenirs, attraction entrance fees, and keep within the 1400 mile allotment.

I find this cost to rent the RV to be pretty reasonable if I compare that to the price of the two hotel rooms I would need each night to fit my family of 6.

But if I can get any additional rental discount, it would help offset the extra money I’ll need for other travel expenses, so I would never blindly make this reservation without asking about available discounts.

#2 – RVshare

RVshare rents recreational vehicles from all classes of motorhomes to pull-behind trailers, fifth wheels, pop-up and truck campers. They offer pet-friendly units and can also arrange to deliver your camper of choice straight to your home or campground.

Although many of the rental units are coming from a dealer, many private owners use RVShare to rent out their camper when they are not using it, which can lead to some very low rates. This company includes roadside assistance in their rental rates which gives peace of mind for those new to RVing.

You can peruse their user-friendly website and choose from standard campers up to luxury motorhomes. See prices and pictures of the available units near you, then filter your search further to find a camper that fits your specific needs.

Once you select the RV, you send the owner an email with a booking request. When the dealer accepts the offer, you finalize all the details and arrange to pick up the keys. At that time you’ll receive a tutorial about your rental RV’s features, so you feel confident embarking on your trip.

#3 – RV Plus You

RV Plus You is a new company that is spreading quickly across the USA due to extras that improve customer service. While the basic premise behind this RV rental company is similar to RVShare, RV Plus You will deliver and set up the camper before you arrive.

Anyone with RV experience knows that set-up and tear-down are the least pleasant tasks about camping. Having a company that handles it for you will start your trip off on the right foot!

Another plus is not having to worry about a tow vehicle if you want to rent a fifth wheel or another pull-behind trailer. Drive to your location, enjoy nearby attractions without having to drive the motorhome or use a large truck, then drive home again. Bring your clothes and camping supplies; everything else will be ready to go.

For those who want the camping experience yet are uncomfortable driving or towing a large RV, this is a wonderful way to rent. Sign up on their website, peruse the campers available at the location you desire, contact the owner, ask questions, arrange your booking, and pay.

When you arrange your booking and pay through the RV Plus You website you will have access to a Rental Protection Policy insurance plan, a secure payment system, and other features that protect both the renter and owner of the RV.

#4 – El Monte RV

El Monte RV is another well-known RV rental company that offer Class A and Class C motorhomes, and fifth-wheel RVs.

El Monte rents recreation vehicles long-term for instances where temporary housing is necessary. The company also offers motorhome renters free use of the generator, which is fantastic to keep things running when you’re away from an electrical power source, like when you stop at the beach for a few hours.

El Monte RV has 45 years of experience in the RV rental world, and they know the must-see attractions around the country. Even if you don’t rent your camper through El Monte, check out their website for travel tips and ideas.

#5 – Private RV Rentals

Do you have a friend with a camper you’d like to use, or see a listing on Craigslist for a private RV rental?

Many people do rent their campers out to strangers, but finding them can be difficult. Once you do find them, you could have a spectacular vacation for as little as $20 a night for the rental rate, with plenty of extras thrown in.

But, you could find yourself in a heap of trouble when you have an accident, and no proper insurance coverage or a contract is in place. I’m not saying to avoid private rentals. I am stating you should view this as a serious transaction.

Have a written contract that clearly states what you can and can’t do with the RV. Know beforehand if your automobile insurance policy will cover possible damage to the rental RV, if the owner will take on the risk, or if you’ll need to buy an extra renter’s policy.

When I was a child, my first RV trips were in a camper my father would rent from an acquaintance. The whole family would pile in and hit the road.

I remember quite distinctly the day a rock shattered the cab-over front window as we were traveling down a Texas highway.

We spent two nights, with no power, behind a local mechanic’s shop until they could put in the replacement window. My mom was happy she could whip up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to keep us fed straight from the RV cupboards.

I have no idea what the new window cost, but the responsibility to replace the window was on my father because covering any such damage, intentional or accidental, was in the contract.

Private rentals require attention to the details, so everyone knows what to expect if issues arise. Thankfully most rental arrangements go off without a hitch!

More on the Good Aspects of RV Travel

By eliminating stops for food or bathroom breaks, you save time and money. Even if you’re not in a motorhome, you can pull over your fifth wheel or trailer to use the facilities, make a snack quickly, and get back on the road.

It’s also very nice to sleep in the same bed night after night and have all your belongings close at hand, even your pets.

Kids find RV travel exciting. They like the quirky sleeping arrangements, and they love being able to move about motorhome while the parents are driving.

While you do have close neighbors in some campgrounds, you won’t hear footsteps above you or slamming doors as you do in a hotel room. You can also open the windows in your camper to let fresh air in, grill out on your patio, start up a campfire, and observe the stars every night of your trip.

When you add up a nightly hotel rental rate, the cost of eating out, car expenses like gas and car rental expenses, and possible airfare and pet boarding expenses, it cost less to rent an RV. You also get to work as a team with your traveling companions to set up your campsite, choose places to visit, and cook meals which creates a special bond.



Regardless of what type of RV you want to rent for your trip, make sure that you communicate with your RV owner to understand the fees and policies. Be sure to cover  mileage and generator use, the cost of linens, other equipment and miscellaneous fees. Also, you should get a good understanding what their policy is on deposits. Also, find out about refunds should you have to cancel your reservation. To find your RV rental now click here.


Finally, and most importantly, always get a written quote for your planned trip from your RV owner. This will help avoid any misunderstandings and surprises. You will be a happy camper!

Tips for saving money

The price of RV rentals typically aligns with renter demand and camping seasonality. During peak-camping season, you can expect to pay premium prices for an RV rental.

Want to save some money during peak season? Talk to owners about weekly or monthly discounts, which could save you between 5% and 20% off the base rate.

If you don’t mind camping during the off-season, you may be able to find off-season pricing, seasonal discounts, and custom quotes. Each listing should show pricing specials, but if it doesn’t, reach out to the owner to find out more information.

How to Save Money on Your Rental RV Trip

There are plenty of ways to save money on your RV rental and RV trip. Here are a few of them:

Look for coupon codes

When planning a vacation, you want the best deals you can find and using coupon codes can help.

And we just so happen to have a $40 coupon code for your RV rental with Outdoorsy. 😉

Use coupon code TREKKN at checkout or just click this link and it will automatically apply your code.

Rent for longer & ask for a discount

When you’re shopping around for rentals, you’ll notice that the longer you rent, the cheaper it is. You’ll get a better deal for a week rental, rather than just a few days.

Also, if you’re wanting to do a long-term rental for a month, ask the owner directly if they’ll give you an even better discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask! This guarantees them rental money for the month, so some may be open to giving you a nice discount, as opposed to their RV sitting there making $0.

Consider Boondocking

Campground fees can definitely add up, which is one thing that makes boondocking so appealing. If you’re not familiar with the term and you want to know more about this way of RVing, check out our in-depth post here.

Use Campground Memberships

Campground memberships are more for campers who RV quite a bit or are planning a long excursion. We saved a TON of money using campground memberships and discount clubs like Good Sam, Passport America, Thousand Trails, Harvest Hosts and more.

Todd wrote up an excellent post here all about saving money with campground memberships.

Gas Discounts

Whether you’re towing a trailer/fifth wheel or renting a driveable, you’ll most likely have significant gas costs. Our Good Sam membership not only gave us discounts at some campgrounds but also on gas at Pilot and Flying J stations.

Another option for savings is a fuel credit card.

This post on cutting costs while full-time RVing also has some applicable tips for an RV trip. And you can take a peek at Todd’s top 21 tips for living in an RV without going broke right here.

Bring Your Own Stuff

Some of the RV owners will rent you things like bedding, camping chairs, a grill, ice chest, etc for an extra fee. But if you have your own, bring them and save some money!

Cook Your Own Meals

One of the best things about RVing, is it truly is a house on wheels. If you rent something that includes a refrigerator, stove, and oven, you can save loads of money by hitting up the grocery store and cooking your own meals on the road.

One thing to check and ask the RV owner about is what cooking items they provide.

Do All The Free Activities You Can

From hiking, exploring and enjoying the campground amenities, there are plenty of free activities to keep you and the kids busy.

One of our favorite campgrounds in Florida had everything we needed right there. We didn’t even have to leave! They had a pool, hot tub, the ocean, a restaurant, a bar, walking trails, and a marina.

Some of our most favorite stays in National Parks included tons of hiking. We would hike all morning, come home for lunch, eat, then nap and then wrap up our day by the campfire.

A couple of times while staying outside of Washington D.C., we rode the subway in and visited all of their free museums we could fit into our schedule.

So what I’m saying is, there are loads and loads of free things to do.

Hit the Road

Renting an RV can be as affordable or luxurious as you want. With peer-to-peer rental platforms like Outdoorsy, you can find rentals that fit your budget and give you all the amenities you’re looking for. Search for your dream RV rental today!

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