How To Get Bigger Hands?


Working with computer systems, writing, and doing guide labor put pressure on the arms and wrists and may trigger issues over time, corresponding to tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Taking frequent breaks and stretching earlier than and whereas utilizing the arms and wrists will help stop pressure. Bettering flexibility and power step by step will help folks keep away from wrist and hand accidents.

Performing Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls

One extremely useful train on your wrists, together with weight, is the wrist curls. What you need to do is to decide on a small weight, in between 2-6 kilos, and curl your wrists whereas holding the load. Right here’s how one can do it:

  • Sit straight up together with your arms in your knees.
  • Now, maintain a dumbbell and transfer your hand ahead in such a approach that your forearm sits over your knee.
  • Ensure that the palm of your hand face upwards.
  • Now, you need to transfer the dumbbell up and down with out transferring your arm.
  • It will put a pressure in your wrist, rising power and enhancing muscle groups.
  • Repeat this no less than 10 instances with one wrist, after which transfer to the opposite wrist.
  • Do 2 to three units of wrist curls every single day.

You may also combine reverse wrist curls by dealing with the palm of your arms downwards. Whichever one fits you higher, go for it.


Elbow Muscle mass


The biceps is called for its two heads – brief and lengthy. The biceps is the principle supinator of the forearm (which helps us rotate the palm up and down), and helps the brachialis and brachioradialis in bending the elbow. The biceps is vulnerable to harm, significantly the tendon of the lengthy head and the distal tendon which inserts into the radius. Rupture of the tendon of the lengthy head permits the biceps muscle to sink decrease within the arm, making a “Popeye” deformity. Luckily, after the preliminary ache goes away, there’s little lack of power because of the continued attachment of the brief head. If the distal tendon ruptures, although, the muscle now not has any attachment beneath the elbow, and there could also be an approximate 30% lack of elbow power, and 40% lack of supination power. 


The brachialis is a big, deep muscle within the entrance of the arm. It lies beneath the biceps muscle and attaches onto the coronoid technique of the ulna, slightly below the elbow joint. The brachialis is a powerful flexor of the elbow (permitting it to bend). 


The three-headed triceps muscle is the one muscle at the back of the arm. The triceps gives the vital motion of straightening our elbow, permitting us to push up out of a chair and throw a ball. It additionally stabilizes the elbow when you find yourself forcefully supinating (suppose turning a screwdriver), in any other case the bending motion of the biceps can be unopposed, and our elbows would bend with each twist. 

Eat Extra Energy

If you are going to try all these tips, make sure

If you will attempt all the following pointers, be sure you comply with a weight loss plan to match the hassle.

Change your weight loss plan in such an effort to devour extra energy than what you finish on the fitness center burning energy.

It doesn’t matter should you need larger arms, bigger arms, or bigger legs; wholesome meals selections are essential.

Make sure to devour high quality energy that profit you rather than filling you up.

You will need to combine carbohydrates, fat, and proteins all through your meals. Proteins particularly are required should you need bigger fingers and arms.

Hand and Finger Workout routines

Listed here are some hand and finger workout routines that can be utilized together with main medical interventions to alleviate joint stiffness and restore full hand perform. (1)(2)(3)

1. Fists

Making a fist after which releasing it’s a good train on your fingers. You are able to do this simple train wherever and anytime to get aid from hand stiffness.

Hold your left hand out flat.Slowly bend your fing
  1. Maintain your left hand out flat.
  2. Slowly bend your fingers right into a fist, retaining your thumb outdoors. Be light and keep away from squeezing your hand too tightly.
  3. Unfurl your fist slowly till your fingers are straight as soon as once more.
  4. Do the train 10 instances with every hand.

2. Claw stretch

This simple stretch train helps the tendons to perform easily and transfer the finger joints by way of their full vary of movement.

Hold your hand out in front of you, with your palm
  1. Maintain your hand out in entrance of you, together with your palm dealing with you.
  2. Slowly bend your fingertips down till they contact the bottom of every finger joint. Your hand will appear to be a claw.
  3. Maintain this place for 30–60 seconds after which launch.
  4. Repeat this train 10 instances with every hand.

3. Making an “O”

That is one other easy train on your finger joints to work correctly. You are able to do this train at any time when there’s ache or stiffness in your arms.

Start with your right hand pointing straight up.Sl
  1. Begin together with your proper hand pointing straight up.
  2. Slowly curve your index finger inward till it touches the thumb and types the form of an “O.”
  3. Maintain this place for 30 seconds.
  4. Observe together with your center, ring, and pinky fingers.
  5. Straighten your fingers once more.
  6. Repeat this train 10 instances with every hand.

4. Finger Strolling

This train could be very useful for many who endure from rheumatoid arthritis and can’t transfer their fingers with out feeling a pointy ache.

Put one hand on a table with your palm facing down
  1. Put one hand on a desk together with your palm dealing with down.
  2. Slowly raise the index finger up and attempt to transfer it towards the thumb. Then place the finger down.
  3. Carry the center finger and transfer it towards the index finger.
  4. Carry the ring finger and transfer it towards the center finger.
  5. Carry the pinky finger and transfer it towards the ring finger.
  6. Repeat this train 2–3 instances on every hand.

5. Finger Lifts

This train helps improve the vary of movement and adaptability of your fingers. It additionally strengthens the joints of your fingers.


Place your right hand flat on a table, palm down.L
  1. Place your proper hand flat on a desk, palm down.
  2. Carry the thumb slowly off the desk.
  3. Maintain the place for about 5 seconds after which decrease your thumb.
  4. Do the identical with each finger of the proper hand.
  5. Repeat the sequence together with your left hand.
  6. Repeat this train 10–12 instances with every hand.

You may also raise all of your fingers and thumb directly after which decrease them.

6. Finger Bends

This train is similar to the finger raise train. All it is advisable to do is bend your fingers inward as a substitute of lifting them.

Put your hand out and slowly bend the thumb down u
  1. Put your hand out and slowly bend the thumb down beneath your palm.
  2. Maintain the place for about 5 seconds after which straighten your thumb again up.
  3. Do the identical with each finger of the proper hand.
  4. Repeat the sequence together with your left hand.
  5. Repeat this train 10–12 instances with every hand.

7. Finger Stretch

It is a easy stretching train on your fingers that helps with ache aid. One other advantage of this train is it improves the vary of movement of your arms.

Put your hand palm down on a table.Gently stretch
  1. Put your hand palm down on a desk.
  2. Gently stretch your fingers out to straighten them as flat as you possibly can towards the desk.
  3. Maintain for 30–60 seconds.
  4. Launch and repeat this train 10 instances with every hand.

8. Tennis Ball Squeeze

It is a very simple grip-strengthening train that advantages the joints of your fingers and wrists. This train additionally helps battle stress.

Squeeze a soft tennis ball as hard as you can for
  1. Squeeze a gentle tennis ball as laborious as you possibly can for five seconds.
  2. Launch your grip.
  3. Repeat 15–20 instances with every hand.
  4. Do that train 2–3 instances a day.

Warning: Don’t carry out this train when you’ve got a thumb harm.

9. Thumb Bend

A powerful thumb is vital for a powerful grip. This thumb bend train strengthens your thumbs and will increase their vary of movement. Improved vary of movement in your thumb helps with actions corresponding to selecting up cutlery and, holding your toothbrush, and a pen.


Hold your left hand out in front of you, with your
  1. Maintain your left hand out in entrance of you, together with your wrist straight.
  2. Convey your thumb nearer to your palm by bending it inward.
  3. Maintain the place for five seconds, after which return your thumb to the beginning place.
  4. Repeat 10 instances.
  5. Now, attempt touching your thumb to every of your fingers separately.
  6. Do 4 reps of this train, if potential.
  7. Repeat the entire sequence together with your different hand.

10. Pinch Strengtheners

This train strengthens the muscle groups of your fingers and thumbs. It additionally will increase the mobility of your fingers.

Hold a softball in one of your hands.Pinch a bit o
  1. Maintain a softball in one among your arms.
  2. Pinch a little bit of the softball between the information of your fingers and your thumb.
  3. Maintain the pinch for 30–60 seconds.
  4. Repeat 10–15 instances.
  5. Repeat the train with the opposite hand.
  6. Do that 2–3 instances every week, and ensure to relaxation your arms for 48 hours in between periods.

Warning: Don’t carry out this train when you’ve got a thumb harm

We thank Phoenix Rehab and Physiotec for the next photographs.

11. Stretching Wrist Flexors

  1. Sit up in a chair and look instantly forward of you. Place the fingers and palms of your arms collectively.
  2. Slowly decrease your arms. Maintain your palms joined, and attempt to unfold your elbows aside so far as you possibly can.
  3. Maintain for 10 seconds.
  4. Calm down your arms.
  5. Carry out this train 10–20 instances twice a day.

Observe: For those who comply with the proper kind, you might be more likely to expertise a slight bend in your wrists with a stretch in your internal forearms and palms.

12. Fingers Extension/Abduction With an Elastic

  1. Break up your fingers and thumb aside towards the elastic with out bending them.
  2. Carry out this train 10–20 instances twice a day.

13. MCP Flexion (Desk High)

  1. Begin together with your hand and fingers straight and according to your forearm.
  2. With out transferring your wrist or your interphalangeal joints, flex your metacarpophalangeal joint solely to kind a 90° angle between your fingers and your hand.
  3. Straighten your hand and fingers again to the beginning place.
  4. Carry out this train 10–20 instances twice a day.

14. Finger Extension With an Elastic

  1. Place a small elastic across the outdoors of your thumb and index finger.
  2. Pull these two fingers away from one another.
  3. Repeat together with your thumb and different fingers.
  4. Carry out this train 10–20 instances twice a day.

Observe: To progress, repeat with a thicker elastic.

15. Pronation/Supination Hammer

  1. Put your forearm on a desk or a chair’s armrest however with the wrist unsupported.
  2. Maintain a hammer by the deal with, and rotate the forearm palm down and palm up.
  3. Carry out this train 10–20 instances on every hand twice a day.

Observe: You could improve the issue by holding the deal with farther from the tip.


16. Eccentric Wrist Extension

  1. Maintain a weight in your hand and relaxation your forearm on a desk so your wrist is positioned over the sting of the desk with the palm dealing with down.
  2. Utilizing the other hand, raise the load and your hand as excessive as potential whereas retaining your forearm on the desk.
  3. Slowly decrease the load fully.
  4. Carry out this train 10–20 instances on every hand twice a day.

Observe: The aim of the train is to strengthen solely the decreasing portion of the motion.

17. Eccentric Elbow Flexion

  1. Start in a standing place together with your arms on the facet.
  2. Use your left arm to help the proper arm into an elbow flexion, as should you had been performing a biceps curl.
  3. Launch the affected arm and slowly decrease it again to the beginning place. Reverse the instructions for the other arm.
  4. Carry out this train 10–20 instances on every arm twice a day.

What Makes It So Onerous To Enhance The Measurement Of Your Fingers And Ft?

Credits to Healthline
Credit to Healthline

As mentioned above, should you wrestle with small arms your genetics might be the factor in charge. Your hand consists of many distinct muscle groups, bones, and ligaments which all collectively work to supply the performance, which a hand could be very well-known for.

The hand consists of three main kinds of bones. The phalanges are the 14 bones which are current in your fingers and your toes, aside from the thumb every finger has 3 phalanges bones.

The metacarpal 5 bones are discovered within the center a part of your hand. The metacarpal bones don’t have any function in answering the query of, how one can get thicker fingers?

Lastly, we have now the carpal bones within the hand, these are 8 bones that make up your wrist. Two of those bones are additionally related to bones of the arm which embody the ulna and the radius bone.

Now that you’ve got the essential concept of the anatomical construction of the hand it will likely be simpler so that you can reply questions corresponding to; how one can make your arms larger? How one can make your fingers longer? Or why are my arms so small?

Different than simply bones your hand additionally has many muscle groups and ligaments which all collectively affect the power, measurement, and agility of your hand. It’s important to think about the function of muscle groups and ligaments if you attempt to reply the query of how one can strengthen arms? Or how one can make my arms larger?

In contrast to the bones, thankfully, there’s a lot you are able to do to strengthen your hand and ft muscle groups. Muscle mass are tissues which are absolutely able to rising stronger when subjected to emphasize.

Similar to every other muscle of the physique which may be made stronger simply by exercising it, the muscle groups of your hand will also be very effectively made extra agile and stronger.

Aside from that, ligaments are fibrous tissue that binds collectively the bones by way of joints. Ligaments play an important function in offering agility to your hand, the extra versatile and stronger the ligaments of your hand the larger the attain and adaptability of your hand can be.

What do you suppose permits Micheal Jordan to have the ability to stretch his fingers a lot that he can maintain a basketball in only one hand? Our hypothesis says It should be the exceptionally robust and versatile ligaments in his fingers that permit him to have the ability to grip a complete basketball single-handedly.

To place it merely the dimensions of your arms or ft is majorly dependent in your bone construction. If you’re an grownup it’s fairly inconceivable to change the dimensions of your bones to a big extent, since most likely by now your bones have reached their peak development and gained’t develop anymore.

Having talked concerning the bones, there’s nonetheless loads you are able to do to boost the power of the muscle groups of your hand and make them stronger plus extra purposeful. There are a lot of fingers strengthening workout routines and fingers exercises that may really make it easier to to make your arms larger which we might be discussing later on this article. Fingers strengthen step by step if you topic them to a routine train.

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Key takeaways

When you can’t make your fingers any longer or your palm any bigger, just a few simple workout routines could make your arms stronger and improve your fingers’ flexibility.

These workout routines may give you a firmer grip and a barely wider hand span. Simply make sure you carry out them rigorously in order to not injure the arms that you simply depend on for a lot, no matter their measurement.


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