How To Make $100 Dollars Fast In A Day

Recover Money on Purchases

3. Use  Paribus to Get Money Back

Paribus is an awesome free service that simply tracks your purchases to see if you’ve overpaid or have money owed to you for late shipments.

A lot of retailers will offer customers a price match if a lower price is available within 7 to 10 days.  Many people don’t realize this and even fewer take advantage of the price match guarantees. Paribus acts on your behalf with many retailers to submit the difference, resulting in more cash back in your pocket.

Late Shipments: They’ll even do the legwork for the times your Amazon package is late and you’re eligible for a $10 credit based on the Amazon terms of service.  

4. Drop

Drop is a free app that allows you to cash in on points for everyday items you purchase.  Simply download the app, link your cards and shop at the places you’d normally shop! The Drop app will apply points to your account for purchases you make through the app, which can be redeemed for gift cards towards stores you love.  Doesn’t get much easier.

5. iBotta

The folks at iBotta use a similar platform and promise cash back on everyday purchases.  With iBotta, you actually get cash back that can be sent to you via PayPal, Venmo, or sent via gift cards.


Sell Bodily Fluids

You already have bodily fluids floating around, so selling them isn’t going to put you out too much. Going to the appropriate facility will take time out of your day, of course, and this might cause you some inconvenience. Also, there are some factors that can make this strategy undesirable or impossible for you.

Still, selling your body fluids might be worth considering.

Sell Plasma

Many people donate blood because it helps patients in need. Donating plasma is another option, and it’s one that will pay off not only for the patients receiving it but for you as well. Because it’s more time-intensive than typical blood donation (it takes about 90 minutes), donors are compensated an average of $30 to $40 per donation.

You can donate plasma twice per week, so while it’s not how to make $100 a day, you can make $60 to $80 per week (or more, if you’re over 175 lbs, because heavier people have more plasma to give and might be paid more, depending on the facility).

Sell Breast Milk

Are you a lactating mother? If you have a big enough supply, you can actually sell your “liquid gold” for an average of $2.50 per ounce. You’d need to pump and sell 40 ounces, or five 8-ounce bottles, to make a hundred dollars per day at that price.

Bump your rate up a bit, to $3.00 per ounce, though, and you would only need to pump 33 ounces (a bit over four bottles) to sell.

Sell Sperm or Eggs

Yes, you can sell your sperm or eggs. The harvesting procedure varies substantially, as you might imagine, and therefore eggs are worth more than sperm. Selling sperm three times per week could earn you as much as $1,000 per month. It’s not exactly $100 per day,  but it is not much less than $100 per specimen.

If you’re a woman, you could earn $8,000 to $10,000 or more for selling your eggs to a couple or a single woman who is having trouble conceiving. It takes some time to get the whole process started, so it’s not a consistent $100 per day, but over the course of the first year donating, most women can donate twice, so you’d make about $18,000 for two full cycles.

There tend to be extremely strict regulations or requirements for doing this, so do your homework to make sure you understand if you’re eligible or if this is something you want to go through with.

How Much Is $100 a Day for a Whole Year?

Earning $100 a day for an entire year will make you $36,500 by the end of the year. That’s a large chunk of change! Some activities are more sustainable than others (you obviously can’t give blood every day), but if you have the time and patience and love doing different types of tasks on your own time, you can definitely earn $100 a day on a sustainable schedule.

Use Your Skills

If you aren’t tech-savvy and you don’t want to clean houses, you probably still have a variety of other skills that you can use to make money. Do any of these sound appealing?

Beef Up Dating Profiles

Have you done your share of perusing dating sites? There are plenty of lonely hearts out there who would love nothing more than to find romance on a website like Tinder or OkCupid but they don’t know how to create a good profile that will attract the right kind of attention.

Lisa Hoehn charges $100 to $500 for a dating profile, and you can, too, if you know what you’re doing. Bang out one per day and you may have stumbled onto how to make $100 a day without much effort at all.

Serve Drinks

Maybe you’ve never gone to bartender school but you still know how to mix up a mean martini, margarita, Mai Tai or Manhattan. If that’s the case, you might be able to find some gigs serving drinks at private parties.

Even if you charge a nominal fee to show up, you can rack up tips all night long, putting you well on your way toward your $100 per day goal.

Style Hair and Do Makeup

Similarly, you might not be a professional hairdresser or cosmetician, but if you know your way around a blow dryer, bobby pins, and blusher, you could do hair and makeup for brides and their attendants, teens heading off to prom, or young ladies who are about to march across the stage wearing a cap and gown.

Spring is a great time of year for this type of gig-based business, so let the money-making commence!

Cook Meals

With the popularity of Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and a big handful of other companies that deliver ready-to-cook foods to busy people, you might have gotten the message that there are a whole lot of individuals out there who don’t know how or don’t have time to prepare meals from scratch.

If you do and you’re good at it, you could start a business delivering ready-to-heat meals that families will love.

Consider marketing this to young people who want to impress a new significant other with their stellar cooking skills, to families who have recently had a baby, and to busy working couples or single parents who just don’t have time to whip up a delicious concoction for dinner every night.

If you had a few regular clients, you could add this to your ideas for how to make $100 a day.

Make Money Around Town

If you’re not interested in online side hustles, why not earn some cash right in your city or neighborhood? Here are some ideas.

11. Become a Handyman (or Handywoman)

Are you good at fixing stuff? How about starting a handyperson service? You can go it on your own and advertise your services on sites like Craigslist.

Or you can become a Tasker for a site like TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit lets Taskers choose the jobs they want to take. They handle the money part of it; you just show up and do the job.

12. Start a Cleaning/Organizing Business

I have a friend who works as a cleaner/stager for a local real estate team. When people are getting their houses ready for the market, this real estate team hires Faith to clean, organize, and stage their homes.

She makes good money ($25 an hour) and her clients love her. After all, who doesn’t get excited about having a cleaner, more organized home?

Advertise your services on sites like Craigslist and by leaving business cards around town.

13. Work as a Pizza Deliverer

Pizza delivery is a common side hustle in the personal finance world. I’ve read so many stories about people who delivered pizza to get out of debt super-fast.

The great thing about working as a pizza delivery person is that you can almost surely find a job today. People don’t stay in that type of job long, so companies are always hiring.

The hourly wage you’ll get for delivering pizzas may not be great, but the tips can be a huge income-earner – especially if you’re good with people.

14. Take Care of Pets

Do you like animals? There are lots of jobs you could do right in your area with pets. You could walk neighborhood dogs, or you could be a yard cleaner for dog owners (yes, people will pay you good money to do this job).

Another option is to become a pet sitter. People often want others to care for their animals when they’re at work or on vacation. One of my daughters makes $20 an hour watching the neighbor’s dog.

Not sure where to find work? Hand out flyers in the neighborhood, advertise on Craigslist or sign up and create a profile on a site like Rover.

15. Work as a Babysitter

If you prefer kids over animals, why not get some babysitting jobs? Chances are you know people with young kids–or have people in your area with young kids.

Babysitters often get paid $10, $20 or more per hour. Create a profile on to get more opportunities for babysitting jobs.

16. Get a Job as a Server

When I was younger, I worked as a server, both, in a restaurant and in a bar. I have to say, these were two of my very favorite jobs. Why?

First, I like interacting with people, and people are almost always happy when you’re bringing them food or drinks. I worked in an ice cream shop, so bonus points on the happy scale!

Second, cash. Lots of cash via tips. It wasn’t uncommon to make a hundred dollars a night or more, and that was thirty years ago! If you like people and like to stay busy, check with local restaurants and bars to see if they’re hiring servers.

17. Get a Retail Job

I did retail work for a few years when I was younger too. Retail jobs are usually readily available at just about any store. You can work as a cashier on the front lines, or work behind the scenes as a stock person.

The pay is pretty decent for the work you do, and many companies pay weekly.

18. Do Lawn Care/Landscaping Work

Do you like mowing lawns? Trimming plants? Shoveling snow? Why not start a landscaping business? There are a lot of busy people who would happily pay a fair rate for you to take some of these tedious jobs off their hands.

Advertise by delivering flyers in the neighborhood or post your services on Craigslist or Facebook.

14. Make Money As A Social Media Manager

I’m willing to bet you have SOME form of social media – whether it’s Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, blogging, and more! Put those skills to use and sign up with fiverr or Upwork. It’s easy to manage a few accounts a month for companies that will pay a retainer fee!

This is a great way to get consistent checks and income into your bank account! You just need to understand the brand, post on social media, and have basic design skills that you can learn about on free on Youtube or Coursera. Use Craigslist to find companies.

How to fail

If you made it here, you should have plenty of ideas on how to make a quick $100.

But I want you to remember that in the end, the only person limiting your income is yourself and your mindset. There are countless ways to make money.

The only way you can fail at making an extra $100 is to give up. If you stop trying every time you fail, you’re not going to make it. All you need to succeed is to start.

Don’t give up. Keep trying until you make it.

Have you done any of these or have your own methods? I’d love to hear any strategies I missed.

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